Black Pumas and Lucius – Strangers: DJ Pick of the Week


Fresh off their Album of the Year nomination, Black Pumas have teamed up with Lucius to cover The Kinks’ “Strangers.” The cover soundtracks the trailer for Youtube’s Life in a Day 2020 documentary, and everything about it screams “main character.” “Strangers” is Rev. Keith’s DJ Pick of the Week!

The track, like most releases in the past year, is a completely remote recording. “The Lucius vocals gave the song another dimension,” producer Adrian Quesada told Rolling Stone. “I only wish we could have recorded with them in person.” And we’re inclined to agree; the indie-pop group’s harmonies beautifully elevate the Pumas’ already-glorious soulful vocals.

Despite the track being a cover, don’t think for an instant that you’re going to be in for some karaoke rendition. If you didn’t know better (confession: I didn’t on first listen), you’d have no reason to think this wasn’t an original. In other words, it’s just in line with the sounds we expect from each group. In coming together, they’ve managed to create a product somehow greater than the sum of its parts. We’re huge fans, and you can check out the cover for yourself below!

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