Bruce Cockburn “On a Roll” – Keith’s DJ Pick of the Week

Bruce Cockburn On a Roll

Rev’s DJ Pick of the Week is Bruce Cockburn’s “On a Roll!” Born and raised in Ontario, Canada, Cockburn has been creating music for over 50 years. His musical journey has been shaped through his ever-changing and diverse sound starting in 1970 with his self-titled debut album. His ever-expanding music career continues to build with this latest release.

“On a Roll” has a unique folk sound that is exemplified by his songwriting and guitar skills. An ode to his long held career, the song nods to the passing of time and a plea to not count him out. With smooth guitar and warm drums, Cockburn tells the story of the human experience. “On a Roll” continues to build upon his portfolio of music that has roots in activism and spirituality. This track leads Cockburn’s new album O Sun O Moon which was released May 12th.

Check out Rev’s Pick of the Week below- Then catch Cockburn’s 11 other original songs from the album.

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