Chance Peña “The Mountain is You” – ONErpm Hitmaker Alert

Tune into 100.1 FM or all weekend to hear “The Mountain is You” by Chance Peña, our ONErpm Hitmaker Alert this week! 
Chance Peña "The Mountain is You"

This week, Lightning 100’s ONErpm Hitmaker Alert goes to Chance Peña with the song, “The Mountain Is You!”

Chance Peña, a softly-sung songwriter and performer from Tyler, Texas, has spent the past decade making a name for himself in the ever-growing American indie folk scene. From small performances in hometown bars to writing songs for acclaimed tv shows and artists like John Legend, Peña’s perpetual artistic progression now finds him charting with his latest singles, performing on well-loved music shows, and headlining tours and festivals across the US and UK. His songs often blend new and old musical styles, creating uniquely comforting tracks that feature soft story-telling and emotional beats alongside newer-sounding electronic instrumental backings. With his newest single, “The Mountain Is You,” Peña carries on this style to new heights, cultivating the peaceful yet troubled sounds of nostalgia, melancholy, and inner strength. 

“The Mountain Is You” paints a mellow picture of perseverance through painful discomfort and uncertainty. In the track, the narrator is forced to confront their fears, ranging between losing what they love, struggling to hold onto their identity, and feeling lost in the world. However, in the face of these worries, Peña finds a powerful message to cling to. The lyrics state, “I hear your words in my head, you said, “The mountain is you”. Throughout the song, this line becomes a mantra that Peña returns back to as a reminder, to both the narrator and to us, to be strong, peaceful, and courageous to ourselves despite the pain and worry. The song’s powerful message is backed with relaxing, reassuring instrumentation that adds even more emotional weight to Peña’s heartfelt vocal performance. The music and lyrics work together to capture the beautiful nuances found in self-discovery, traveling, and change.

Explore “The Mountain Is You” below!

Tune into 100.1 FM or all weekend to hear “The Mountain is You” by Chance Peña, our ONErpm Hitmaker Alert this week!