Run Horse Run- Charley Crockett: DJ Pick of the Week

Charley Crockett press photo
Charley Crockett press photo via

Dan’s DJ pick of the week! 

This week’s DJ pick is from nomad, Charley Crockett. Crockett was born in South Texas and was raised in an isolated part of the Rio Grande Valley with his single mother. After, he spent time with family in New Orleans and New York and decided to pursue a rap career. He spent hours performing blues and hip-hop and even had multiple run-ins with law enforcement. Through every stage of life, Crockett has written music that mimics his vagabond up-bringing. 

As of recent, he underwent lifesaving open-heart surgery right before the release of his upcoming album, Welcome To Hard Times. This gothic country album will be released on July 31st. Aptly, named after one of his favorite westerns, Crockett said, “I wanted to make an album that would change the entire conversation about country music.” 

This album will take us on a journey through life’s unexpected moments. Inspired by his own journey, Crockett will use this release to deep dive into his experience of changing the modern country music scene. After giving “Run Horse Run” a listen, you will agree Crockett is transforming today’s country music (for the better). Most present-day country hits use the same lyrics about beer or women, or a combination of both, but Crockett is revolutionizing what it means to truly be a modern cowboy. 

“Run Horse Run” sounds like a blend of Alana Jackson and Johnny Cash, mixed with the swagger and charisma of Clint Eastwood. Crockett tells a story through his lyrics that will instantly transport you to the wild west.

This single is not only a fantastic narrative accompanied by an old western-inspired music video, but it gives hope to the whole genre of contemporary country. The nostalgia of this 60’s inspired sound is overwhelming and absolutely wonderful. I thought this authentic country sound died decades ago, but I was very wrong. 

Charley Crockett has experienced more life than many of us ever will, and it translates into his music. Using the blueprint laid out by so many country greats, he blends soul and blues to create a sound many of us haven’t heard since Marty Robbins. Artists like Crockett and Orville Peck are refashioning what it means to be a country musician in 2020, and it is truly astounding. 

I have always said I am a fan of all music except country, but after hearing “Run Horse Run” and learning about the wayward life of Charley Crockett, I have to change my tune. Hearing this has brought so much hope for the future of the genre, especially in the heart of Music City. Give “Run Horse Run” a listen and see if you become obsessed with country’s newest vintage cowboy. 

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Written by Madison Sharp