Cherry Glazerr “Ready For You” — Steph’s DJ Pick Of The Week


Steph’s DJ pick of the week is “Ready For You” from Cherry Glazerr! This track is featured on the highly anticipated album, I Don’t Want You Anymore, the first of Cherry Glazerr’s in four years.

Clementine Creevy has been releasing music under Cherry Glazerr for ten years. Taking time for herself in the past four years, Creevy explains that “Ready For You,” along with the rest of the tracks on the new album, is “some of her most personal, raw music to date.” The word “raw” describes this track perfectly. Creevy cries “Wish I was ready for you” over a steady, grainy guitar. Eerie and unsettling, Creevy’s airy, double-tracked vocals mimic the yearning described in her lyrics.

Lyrically, “Ready For You” twists and turns between a soft pining and heavy emotions. Dynamically, Creevy’s words are supported and reflected. The verses leave listeners feeling a bit empty, as they are stripped down to bass and drums. As Clementine begins to come to terms with her true emotional blockages, the track erupts into an exploding chorus. Cherry Glazerr’s “Ready For You” will undoubtedly get you dancing, even despite the vulnerable lyrics Creevy shares with us. Clementine has perfected her craft, and this track off I Don’t Want You Anymore is no exception.

Listen to “Ready For You” below:

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