Rock & Roll – Christone “Kingfish” Ingram: DJ Pick of The Week

Christone "Kingfish" Ingram press photo by Rory Doyle

Dan’s DJ Pick of The Week! 

Today’s DJ pick comes from Mississippi blues-rocker Christone “Kingfish” Ingram. Kingfish had a love for music from a very early age. He said his intense love for blues started when he was five because he began watching a documentary about blues legend, Muddy Waters. At the age of six, he began to play the drums, and by the age of eleven, he moved on to guitar and bass. From the very start, Kingfish (a nickname given by a grade school teacher) had an intense passion for music. He released his first album, Kingfish, in 2019, and it was an instant hit on the Billboard blues chart, moving all the way up to #1 in the first week.

The subject of today’s pick is an emotional single he released in late July. This heartwrenching ballad is dedicated to his mother, Princess Pride, who passed away in December. “Rock & Roll” is breathtaking, from his beautiful vocals, the gritty guitar, or the background chorus, this song will, without a doubt, make you tear up. He thanks his late mother for the sacrifices she made to get him into the music industry, and he promises he will continue working hard to fulfill the legacy she left. This song was first composed by Nashville songwriters Sean McConnell and Ashley Ray, but Kingfish later got ahold of it and added more personal details about his mother.

Kingfish said this about this powerful ballad, “Rock & Roll is a special song. It’s a track about my relationship with my biggest champion — my mom. The true to life lyrics reflect my mom’s dedication to me as her son. I would not be where I am today without her unwavering love and support. Further, as a musician who is recognized for blues, the chorus is important because it refers to the Robert Johnson’ selling his soul’ story, and is a direct nod to blues history and its influence on rock & roll”. 

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