Chromeo – Slumming It


Happy Monday! Adam here with my DJ pick of the week. If you know me at all, it is no surprise that I’m a HUGE Chromeo fan. This week, I’m forcing everyone to listen to “Slumming It” off their latest release Head Over Heels.

Featuring twelve tracks of funk and R&B history colliding with modern pop songcraft, Head Over Heels is the fifth studio album from Chromeo. David “Dave 1” Macklovich and Patrick “P-Thugg” Gemayel have turned an inseparable childhood friendship into a musical career that grows stronger than ever in its second decade, launching the duo from Montreal basements to the main stage at Coachella. Head Over Heels comes at a time where “funky” pop songs are as de rigueur for radio success as “the drop” was in the EDM days. Even the most by-the-numbers artist album contains a tacked-on 90s house dalliance or some chicka chicka wow wow retro affectation. So smartly, Dave and Pee dug deeper as they planned their next move. Cooped up for over two years in their Burbank studio (a vintage gear heaven dubbed The Private Sector), the guys put their shows – and lives – on hold to create a body of work that would raise the bar, connect the dots between generations and bring new (old) grooves to the forefront.

Listen to “Slumming It” below and let us know what you think! Don’t miss Chromeo Sept. 22 at Marathon Music Works. Buy your tickets here.