Crash – Nilüfer Yanya: DJ Pick of the Week

Nilufer Yanya

Today’s DJ Pick goes out to Nilüfer Yanya and her new single, “Crash”. Nilüfer Yanya is an English singer-songwriter based in London. Growing up with her Irish mother and Turkish father, Yanya has had many unique musical influences that inform her sound. Nilüfer Yanya got her start by uploading music to Soundcloud back in 2014. After releasing several EPs, Yanya debuted Miss Universe, her first studio album, in 2019. She has a gift for fusing genres, which is very evident in her latest single!

“Crash” immediately captivates the listener with Yanya’s soothing vocals. She has great range that adds depth and emotion throughout the course of the song. Those smooth vocals mix with the song’s extremely distorted guitar and fuzzy bass to create an edge to the track. “Crash” is co-written and produced by musician Nick Hakim. The New York-based artist is on ATO Records with Nilüfer Yanya. Their collaboration in writing “Crash” produced beautiful lyrics that use repetition to really hone in on the message of the song.

In a conversation with Rolling Stone, Yanya shared that “Crash” revolves around the theme of “things out of our control and things in control of us.” In bringing this concept to life, Nilüfer Yanya created a music video set in an airplane. Yanya shared that touring and constantly flying from place to place brought about a fear of flying in her.

I didn’t write ‘Crash’ about being on an airplane, but I really like it visually as an embodiment of the song.”

Nilüfer Yanya

Yanya captivates in a flight attendant uniform complete white her shiny white guitar and flamed-covered guitar strap. Watch Nanya take “Crash” to new heights in the music video below!

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