D Y W – Airpark feat. St. Lucia: DJ Pick of the Week

Airpark Press Photo

Stephanie’s DJ Pick of the Week goes out to Airpark’s newest track, “D Y W”. Brothers Ben and Michael Ford formed Airpark in 2017 in Nashville. Since their formation, Airpark has released several singles and EPs, from their first single “All The Time” to EPs of their “early works”, released in two separate volumes. Alaina Moore and Patrick Riley of the band Tennis produced their 2018 EP Songs of Airpark. Following the release of that EP, the band toured in support of St. Lucia, with whom they recorded their latest single and DJ Pick!

“D Y W”, standing for “Do You Wanna”, grapples with the anxiety and helplessness of a relationship as it nears its end. The consistent repetition of the phrase “Do You Wanna” holds so much weight throughout the song. Airpark highlights and heightens the confusion that comes with a failing relationship in a way that really advances the song from start to finish. Musically, in addition to his harmonizing vocals, St. Lucia’s influence can be heard particularly in the synth sounds throughout the track. “D Y W” is a warm and upbeat track, balancing nicely with the song’s somewhat melancholy subject matter.

Do you wanna see me try? Do you wanna watch me die?

I won’t know either way, so I might as well ask you.

“D Y W” was recorded at Nashville’s “Welcome to 1979” recording studio. The studio, which defines itself as “a capsule of vintage vibe and gear unlike any other studio in the world”, certainly influenced the vintage sounds in the song.

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