Dance With Me – Million Miles: DJ Pick of the Week

Million Miles Press Photo

Million Miles is the project of Franco-British musician Sophie Baudry. Born in Paris, Baudry came to the states to attend Berklee College of Music. After her years at Berklee, Baudry moved around a bit before settling on splitting time between Nashville and London. As Million Miles, Baudry released her first single, “Ice Cream & Cigarettes”, in 2017. Since then, she’s put out several more singles as well as EPs, her most recent of which, Escape, was released on November 16th. The EP’s second track, “Dance With Me”, is Jayson’s DJ Pick of the Week!

“Dance With Me” immediately brings the soul with a groovy drum fill, falsetto vocals, and bluesy guitar and keys. Baudry sings in a way that feels both measured and laid back, reflecting her time studying formally at Berklee and the current more relaxed atmosphere of life in Nashville. The song brings romantic tension to life musically and lyrically. The descending chord progression draws you in as Baudry sings of helpless attraction and being unable to help dancing with someone. The track also features a key change that heightens the song for the final chorus. “Dance With Me” showcases Baudry’s vocal prowess and gift for storytelling.

In an interview with Music Musings and Such, Baudry shared a bit about how her relationship with music began. “I’ve always been around it. I come from a musician’s family with a strong love for Blues and Soul music. I started playing the piano from a young age. All those elements naturally led me to constantly think music and make music.” Baudry’s lifelong relationship with classic soul and blues has beautifully influenced her music as Million Miles.

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