Don Gallardo – The Golden Rule


Jayson here with my DJ pick of the week. Per usual, I’m digging on another artist based in Nashville and going with Don Gallardo‘s latest tune “The Golden Rule.”

From the foot of Mount Tamalpais, just north of San Francisco and east of the Pacific shore, to East Nashville’s stubbornly independent community of young artists and musicians, singer/songwriter Don Gallardo’s path has always steered clear of the mainstream. Traces of his journey illuminate his newest album. Begin with its title, Still Here, an assertion that he has learned from life and expressed its lessons in songs. The times have caught up with Gallardo, whose love for musical tradition and willingness to melt genre barriers anticipated the Americana boom by at least a decade. Raw roots-rock, a storefront church testimonial, an intimate acoustic-and-steel waltz…each track is an echo of something Gallardo heard and filed away until the right lyric came along. Listen to the latest single “The Golden Rule” below and let us know what you think!