Don’t Let Me Run – Blitzen Trapper: DJ Pick of the Week

Blitzen Trapper Press Photo

Blitzen Trapper is a Portland-based band that combines country, indie, and rock influences into their music. Since the band formed in 2000, they have made ten studio albums and three live albums. Blitzen Trapper has released music with many labels including Vagrant, Sub Pop, and Nashville’s Third Man Records. The band is now celebrating 20 years together with their newest album, Holy Smokes Future Jokes. The album’s third track, “Don’t Let Me Run”, is Jayson’s DJ Pick of the Week!

“Don’t Let Me Run” has a bossanova-type guitar chord progression and rock drum beat that together produce a mellow vibe. Eric Earley’s smooth, low vocals intertwine with higher harmonies, adding nice layering to the song. The track creates a sense of longing through the romantic guitar chords and yearning vocals and lyrics. The chorus highlights that desire through the repetition of the song’s title:

Hold me baby, don’t you let me run

Hold me deep, like I’m the only one

The song also alludes to the album’s title in the second verse as Earley sings, “Take a hit of holy smokes but all I feel is more alone.” A darker energy ensues during the second half of the track as the song’s more mellow and sweet sound takes a turn. A key change followed by a long section of bluesy, gloomy horns brings the track to a mysterious conclusion.

In the band’s bio, Early shared about the idea of ‘cosmic humility’ as being a central theme to Holy Smokes Future Jokes. “It’s the idea that humanity is not the center of the universe, or even the center of our own universe here on earth. We’re not the most important thing.” After ten studio albums worth of music and writing, the band is consistently pushing the boundaries of their perception of and outlook on their music.

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