Drew Elliott – “CANYOUFEELIT”: DJ Pick of the Week


Nashville-based artist Drew Elliott prepares for the release of his debut album with single “CANYOUFEELIT.” After touring and collaborating with other artists, Elliott has finally decided to release his own music. The single, which made its Nashville radio debut right here on Lightning 100, is Melissa’s DJ Pick of the Week!

Since moving here, Elliott has already made a name for himself after only a few years. He moved here from Pittsburgh, PA to attend college, and after graduating, decided to enter the music scene. He started out playing guitar for other artists around town, and eventually decided he wanted to make his own music in his style. Since then, Elliott has released an EP, and now prepares for his first full length album. “CANYOUFEELIT” is a look into Elliott’s musical style and what we can expect to hear from him in the future.

Co-written by Jason Wozniak, Elliott tells thread that “CANYOUFEELIT” was written on a whim in studio. Because it wasn’t planned, the single really shows off Elliott’s musical capabilities and how collaboration is his strong suit.

To me, ‘CANYOUFEELIT’ is a song that summarizes that feeling when you’ve had enough of your insecurities, fears, doubts. Lyrics like ‘To hell with inner peace, a way to blame it on tomorrow’ highlight that idea of pushing off your problems to tomorrow for a moment of inner peace today.

By taking inspiration from artists like Tame Impala and Djo, Drew Elliott knows exactly what he’s doing with his music. From working with experienced artists to perfecting his songwriting, listeners have a lot to look forward to. Finally, fans don’t have to wait much longer for more music. Elliott’s album Slow Devotion is out October 29th. Until then, check out the lyric video for “CANYOUFEELIT” below.

On November 5th, fans can celebrate the new album properly at the Slow Devotion Album Release Show. Head over to the High Watt to hear Drew Elliott live, along with performances by Kios and Kinn!

Tune into 100.1 FM or lightning100.com to hear “CANYOUFEELIT” by Drew Elliott, featured as Melissa’s DJ Pick of the Week. Be sure to let us know your thoughts! Tweet at us with #L100DJPick and share your take on the track.


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