Early Humans – “Always Waiting”: DJ Pick of the Week

Early Humans
Early Humans

Nashville-based band Early Humans is back with a new single, “Always Waiting.” The group consists of members Hart Williams, Ryan Vaniman, and Marcus Wickham. Through their music, Early Humans strives to explore a broad spectrum of emotions and sensations. “Always Waiting” is Casey’s DJ pick of the week! 

The lyrics of “Always Waiting” are honest, relatable, and profound without being excessive or overly complex. Musically, “Always Waiting” begins with steady drums that are followed by a floating, brassy lead synth. When the vocals enter, the melody is accompanied by a deep lower harmony that supports the melody from below. The doubled vocal adds depth to the arrangement and fills out the deliberately sparse production of the song’s verses. Guitars enter in the chorus, and the chorus also features an assortment of synths and vocal lines that further build the song’s intensity. Subtle harmonies weave above the melody in the chorus, contrasting the deeper vocal arrangement in the verses. After the second chorus, “Always Waiting” enters into a satisfying, danceable instrumental bridge that leads into the song’s sonorous final chorus.

“Always Waiting” is Early Human’s first new release of 2021. It is also the band’s first release since their 2020 album A Wave, which came out approximately one year ago. The band recently noted the album’s anniversary and recounted the process of creating it in an Instagram post this week. Listen to A Wave here and check out “Always Waiting” by Early Humans on YouTube below:

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