EZA – High and Low


ezaEZA is the brooding, sultry project of 22-year-old Ellery Bonham. The Nashville-based, electro-pop artist made waves with her first EP in 2014 containing her break-through song, High & Low, and has since released two singles, Headlights and We Keep the Lights Out, in 2015. EZA experiences Synesthesia, a neurological phenomenon which allows her to see music in color. From this, she’s able to incorporate a whirlwind of electronic, R&B, and pop inspirations to create her hypnotizing hooks, and beautifully honest lyrics.
At the age of twelve, EZA began studying the classics, from Italian operas to early-age Jazz pieces. Over the years, she’s used that foundation along with influences in electronic, pop and dubstep to craft her own sound. With nearly a decade of training, she has spent the past four years intertwining her style even more specifically with low-end, dark beats and chill, riding grooves to create a full and unique ambient experience.

“High & Low” by EZA off her EP, “Means of Escape” released 26, July 2014.

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