Can I Believe You- Fleet Foxes: DJ Pick of the Week

Robin Pecknold, photo by Shervin Lainez
Robin Pecknold, photo by Shervin Lainez

Stephanie’s DJ Pick of the Week!

Today’s DJ pick comes from longtime indie favorite, Fleet Foxes. Yesterday on September 22nd, the band released their fourth studio album, Shore, to coincide with the autumn equinox. During the autumnal equinox, the sun will be exactly above Earth’s equator, moving from north to south. So, both the southern and northern hemispheres of the Earth get equal amounts of sunlight on this day. Fleet Foxes have always made ethereal albums, from 2017’s Crack-Up to 2011’s Helplessness Blues, and of course the iconic 2008 self-titled. Each album has fit each season so perfectly, and after giving Shore a listen, I think you will agree this is the perfect album to usher in the fall season. 

The album is breathtakingly beautiful and makes you feel an array of emotions in only 54 minutes. Frontman Robin Pecknold has been writing this album since 2018 but kept hitting roadblocks on the way. As 2020 hit and corona madness began to ensue, Pecknold had a breakthrough. After months in a cramped studio apartment, Pecknold began June by driving around the Catskills of New York for some inspiration. The change of scenery and a moment to breathe allowed him to finish this celestial album. 

The subject of today’s affection and Stephanie’s DJ pick is, “Can I Believe You”. As soon as the song begins, you are hit with the familiar nostalgia that only a Feet Foxes song can bring. This song is light and beautiful, but you can’t help but be overcome with emotion at the simplicity and sincerity of this song. “Can I Believe You” is a song about the struggles of trusting others, but ultimately trusting yourself beyond all doubt. This year has been a rollercoaster, and hearing an album that embodies every emotion you’ve felt in the last six months is so comforting and spiritual. 

Along with this gift of an album, Fleet Foxes released a film to accompany the new release. This movie shows the wild beauty of Washington and Oregon. The director, Kersti Jan Werdal drove around with Shore playing to get a feel of how each song would be visually represented. He was so inspired by the wilderness and the sweet serenity of Shore, he made this stunning film. 

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Written by: Madison Sharp