Forever Yours – The Spirit League: DJ Pick of the Week


The world is seriously lacking in Halloween music. There are only so many times that you can listen to “Monster Mash” before losing your mind. That is where The Spirit League comes to save the day. Their song, “Forever Yours”, off their debut album by the same name, is DJ Casey’s pick this week.

As we roll into Halloweekend, we’ll be playing the track “Forever Yours”. It’s a mid tempo song that is equally eerie and dreamy. The distorted vocals on top of drums and organs give it a foggy night in a graveyard type of vibe. The lyrics, “You want my name carved next to yours” repeat throughout the track with lots of reverb and layered instruments. It is both haunting and enchanting. 

Kyle Ryan, Cam Brousseau, Spencer Martin, and Benton Kubicki are touring musicians that have performed with artists like Kacey Musgraves, Willie Nelson, and more. They came together during the pandemic and took the time that would have been spent on the road to make an indie rock ghost album. Inspired by classic horror aesthetics, The Spirit League put out Forever Yours last month. Earlier this week, the band put out a video for “Scare Easy”, another track on Forever Yours. The Spirit League puts “Monster Mash” to shame and are on track to be a new Halloween classic.

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