Friko “Get Numb To It!” – Steph’s DJ Pick of the Week

Friko "Get Numb To It" - Steph's DJ Pick of the Week

Steph’s DJ Pick of the Week is Friko’s  “Get Numb To It!” 

“Get Numb To It!” is the newest single from Chicago based duo Friko. This song is the last release before their debut album Where We’ve Been, Where We Go From Here drops on February 16. The band consists of vocalist and guitarist Niko Kapetan and drummer Bailey Minzenberger. 

The indie-rock band formed in 2019 are finally releasing a full length record.  Where We’ve Been, Where We Go From Here is inspired by their joint love of Romantic-era classical music and art-rock. Although a unique blend of sonics, the band has been able to create a sound uniquely their own. “Get Numb To It!” is no exception. The track has a groovy bass-line and a strong kick drum during the chorus. It lends itself to be an anthem with its easily memorable lyrics and catchy beat. 

“When we recorded the song Niko and I were each on pianos on opposite sides of the room, just slamming on them for texture,” notes Minzenberger. This creation process is as out-of-the-box as their overall sound is. Their ability to create and produce a track as eclectic and vibrant as this only highlights what’s to come on their LP. They’re a band to watch out for within the indie-rock scene. They’ve made their mark in Chicago and are bound to tour and take over other cities in the process.

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