Fruition – Let’s Take It Too Far


Lani Ford here. This week I am going with Fruition for my DJ pick of the week. They were awesome at Ascend when they opened up for Jack Johnson! Check out “Let’s Take It Too Far” and let us know what you think!

Fruition’s fifth full-length, Watching It All Fall Apart, Fruition transform pain and heartache into something truly glorious. With their songwriting sharper and more nuanced than ever before—and their sonic palette more daringly expansive—the Portland, Oregon-based band’s full-hearted intensity ultimately gives the album a transcendent power. On the sweetly uplifting “Let’s Take It Too Far,” the band offers one of the album’s most purely romantic moments by paying loving tribute to music as solace and salvation (“But don’t you worry ’bout dyin’/’Cause there’s no better way to go/We’ll sing until we’re out of honey/Then pour the gravel down our throats”).