Goldie Boutilier “The Actress” – ONErpm Hitmaker Alert


Goldie Boutiler’s “The Actress” is our ONErpm Hitmaker this week! Boutiler’s sultry and sassy single is perfect for romanticizing late-night drives.

Born in Canada, singer-songwriter Goldie Boutiler has undergone several transitions during her career. She started in pop before transitioning to electronic, DJing under the name Goldilox. However, “The Actress” is part of a new collection and era for Boutlier. After leaving Paris she returned to her roots not only physically, but sonically. Her sound utilizes elements of past influences while integrating Old Hollywood glamor, Americana, and the “Cashville” cowboy.

“Cowboy Gangster Politician”, a single from her first EP under the name Goldie Boutlier, found great success. Exemplifying a powerful strong female lead, her cinematic approach to songwriting and composition is exceptional.

“The Actress” explores the trials of living within the public eye, and the cost of stardom. At the beginning of the song, the audience is presented with a damsel in distress scene; in which the damsel is aware of her plight. Yet everything might not be what it seems, with Boutlier saying, “I am an actress / And you’re in my movie ”

Boutlier is bringing a sassy and exciting female empowerment to the forefront of her style. Leaving behind the 808s and switching them for colorful chugging bass, “The Actress” is just the beginning of a new wave of thematic music from her.

Listen to “The Actress” by Goldie Boutiler below!

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