Grady Strange – I Listen To Your Radio Show At Night: DJ Pick of the Week

Grady Strange- Bandcamp

Stephanie’s DJ Pick of the Week 

This week’s DJ Pick comes from newcomer, Grady Strange. The band is made up of Grady Wenrich and Mackenzie Howe, aka Pet Dress and their small dog, Dolly Parton. Wenrich is the former frontman of the Nashville band, The Loney Biscuits; after leaving, he moved to Los Angles to start a new project under the name Grady Strange. The band’s sound has been coined as “saltwater cowgirl rock n’ roll.” After giving his songs a listen, I bet you will agree that there’s no better description for these easy-listening tunes. Grady Strange has been releasing singles since 2018, “I Listen To Your Radio Show At Night” is his first single of 2020.

The elements of garage rock mixed with soft alternative make listening fun and easy, truly a song that you crank with the windows down. Strange said the inspiration for this single came from his own family, “The idea for the song came when my uncle told me he often tunes in to his daughter’s college radio show late at night” said Strange. “That painted a sad but sweet picture for me, and I immediately wrote the song in a few minutes. I then later changed some lyrics around to make it more of a classic love and longing tune.”

Grady Stange also has a talent for mixing nostalgia for 60’s beach rock with modern psychedelic in the singles music video. We should all keep an eye out for future projects from Grady Stange; hopefully, there will be a full EP or album coming soon. Until then, give this DJ pick a listen and explore some of his older singles. 

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written by Madison Sharp