Gun Metal Grey – The Budos Band: DJ Pick of the Week

The Budos Band Press Photo

Since their formation in 2005, The Budos Band has made soulful, energetic, genre-defying instrumental music. They are expected to release their sixth LP, Long in the Tooth, in October. The band includes a guitarist, saxophonist, trumpeter, percussionists, and even an organist. Their newest single, “Gun Metal Grey”, is featured as Jayson’s DJ Pick of the Week!

“Gun Metal Grey” begins with a simple yet catchy guitar riff followed by an organ, soulful horns, and Afrobeat percussion that build the song out. The track’s sound is timeless and begs you to dance with its undeniably grooviness. The horns act as a lead vocalist, creating powerful swells throughout the song. “Gun Metal Grey” concludes with the same guitar from the intro, bringing the song to a satisfying, full-circle resolution.

Lead guitarist Thom Brenneck spoke to Glide Magazine about the album’s place amongst today’s music. “You’re hearing a band live in 2020, which is a feat in and of itself. It’s like the rest of the world has been making records as if they’ve been living in quarantine for 15 years.” The Budos Band consistently honors the practice of making live music together, even in a time of great distance.

While The Budos Band certainly misses live music, they have found unique ways to engage with their audience over the past several months. The band hosted “Budos Zoomos” to chat with fans about music, life, and everything in between. Follow the band to stay up to date with their fun events and contests!

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