HAERTS – Your Love


Adam here with my DJ pick of the week from HAERTS. “Your Love” features ’80s-esque synths and female vocals which is the perfect equation for a hit song in my mind.

Formed in Munich, Germany then transplanted to Brooklyn, the duo HAERTS consists of Nini Fabi (voice, production) and Benny Gebert (piano, guitar, production) then blends into and a cluster of other talented musicians that expands up to a six-piece for live performances. After success with the debut album and impressive synchs, HAERTS has partnered with indie label Arts & Crafts for their forthcoming release New Compassion.

“The album is us. It’s our past three years. It’s about heartbreak, solitude, and transformation. But at the core it’s about love, its power, vulnerability and infinity. We started writing it in time that felt very heavy to us, but then there was a creative impulse and it became a way of communicating something that we could only communicate through music,” Nini says.

Listen to “Your Love” below and let us know what you think!


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