HAIM – “Lost Track”: DJ Pick of the Week

"Lost Track" Album Art

“Lost Track” by HAIM is Stephanie’s DJ Pick of the Week! HAIM is a pop-rock trio based in Los Angeles, formed by sisters of the Haim family. The group currently consists of bassist Este, lead vocalist and guitarist Danielle, and guitarist and keyboardist Alana. In addition, Danielle and Alana contribute percussion expertise, and all three are capable vocalists. Since first playing together in 2007, HAIM has released three studio albums, five EPs, and over a dozen singles. Their music harnesses themes from pop, rock, and R&B sources alike.

The production behind “Lost Track” is light and playful, with bell-like synthesizers and simple percussion derived from hand claps. These elements are relatively consistent throughout the song, serving as the primary source of melody and rhythm. In addition, a layer of synthesizers enter in each chorus section, adding some complexity where it counts. Meanwhile, the bass drives a straightforward groove, always landing precisely on the beat. The vocals act similarly to the synthesizers, in the sense that harmonies from the other sisters are added in the chorus section. Danielle’s lead vocals are aerated and smooth, with a strong sense of flow.

“Lost Track” is HAIM’s first musical release this year, coming out alongside a music video directed by Paul Thomas Anderson. Although the group has yet to announce any other music this year, HAIM will be touring this summer. This tour is in support of their 2020 album Women in Music, Pt. III, and includes a date right here in Nashville. Information and tickets regarding the tour are available on their website. Until then, be sure to keep up with HAIM through their social media, as well as their website. Also, feel free to check out the official music video for “Lost Track” below!

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