The Head and the Heart- All We Ever Knew


Here is Jayson’s DJ Pick for this week: The Head and The Heart, “All We Ever Knew.” Be on the lookout for their upcoming album “Signs of Light,” available September 9. We know Jayson likes it, but what say you? Let us know what you think using ‪#‎L100DJPicks‬ and comment below.

This long-awaited single (the band’s first release since their 2013 record “Let’s Be Still”) rings true to all the foot-stomping, folk goodness The Head and the Heart is adored for. Written during the development of their previous album, this tune bears all the jaunty similarities you remember in “Let’s Be Still” with an infectious chorus and the sing-song nature of songs such as “Cats and Dogs” and “Lost in My Mind.”

The pre-chorus “it’s time to wake up from this” summons a sleeping giant from its rest: the music world is thrilled to have the Head and the Heart breathing, thriving and creating again.

Click here to see The Head and the Heart perform “Down in the Valley,” “Let’s Be Still,” “Shake” and “Lost in my Mind” live in the Lightning 100 studio.