Helado Negro — “Gemini and Leo”: DJ Pick of the Week

Helado Negro
Helado Negro

Helado Negro’s new single “Gemini and Leo” is a trippy delight. The song is a sonic journey that beautifully blends acoustic and electronic elements, keeping listeners captivated from start to finish. Negro’s playful new single is accompanied by a suitably vibrant and psychedelic animated music video that perfectly matches the song’s vibe. “Gemini and Leo” is Dan’s DJ pick of the week!

“Gemini and Leo” features chirpy synths, strings, and a driving bass line. The song’s entrancing groove lays the foundation for the distinct production and Negro’s unconventional, effective mixture of sounds. The song’s lyrics describe the coupling of a Gemini and a Leo. They dream, dance, and float through the universe, two unique individuals who have come together on the same wavelength. Negro’s vocals float atop the full, fascinating arrangement and peak in the chorus, which features the title line. A high background vocal part appears above Negro’s lead vocal in every chorus, representing the Gemini and Leo coming together through the addition of the harmony. 

Helado wrote, produced, and mixed “Gemini and Leo” himself. Helado credited and expressed his gratitude to the song’s many musical collaborators on Instagram shortly after “Gemini and Leo” was released. Helado’s next album, Far In, will be released on October 22nd. Pre-save his album here and check out the music video for “Gemini and Leo” below: 

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