Henry Jamison – Real Peach


‪Hello friends, Adam here! It’s DJ pick time, and I’m going with Henry Jamison‘s “Real Peach” from his debut LP The Wilds. This tune has a great line about crossing out lines, and a chorus that always pops up in my mind.

With his stunning debut album, The Wilds, Jamison is ready to claim his place as the latest in a long line of remarkable storytellers. Blending delicate acoustic guitar and banjo with programmed percussion loops and synthesizers, the Vermont songwriter grapples with the jarring dissonances of contemporary life in his music as he struggles to reconcile the clashes between our inner and outer selves, the natural world and our fabricated society. Jamison is a solitary artist, writing, recording, and arranging everything himself on the album including the string arrangements, and he pens his lyrics with cinematic precision, conjuring vivid scenes and fully realized characters wrestling with existential crises and modern malaise. His dazzling way with words and keen ear for memorable hooks at once calls to mind the baroque pop of Sufjan Stevens and the unflinching emotional honesty of Frightened Rabbit, but the delivery is uniquely his own, understated yet devastating. Jamison is a solitary artist who writes, records, and arranges everything himself, including all of the album’s gorgeous string arrangements, and The Wilds is a pure reflection of the world through his eyes.

Listen to the single “Real Peach” below and let us know what you think!