Hiss Golden Messenger “Nu-Grape” – Dan’s DJ Pick of the Week


Dan’s DJ Pick of the Week is “Nu-Grape” from Hiss Golden Messenger! This lead single of his new album Jump for Joy is playful and brings a smile to your face.

M.C Taylor, the man behind Hiss Golden Messenger, hails from North Carolina. With him he brings a folk-pop sound that is akin to artists like Mt.Joy, the Bryds, the Beatles. Since 2009 he has continued to shape his original sound, consistently releasing creative and engaging music.

“Nu-Grape” (named after the soda) is a fun folk song with an upbeat tempo. The artist takes inspirations from the poet Mary Oliver with the lyric, “I’m just a nail in the house of the universe.” This part of the chorus, as well as the rest of the the track, relates to the idea of permeance and existence. These topics, though at times intense, are sung about in a light hearted way. Hiss Golden Messenger has a way to explore in-depth ideas through beautifully crafted songs. With bright piano and shining guitar riffs to carry the bridge, “Nu-Grape” is a perfect song for the summer.

Listen to the track below and get ready for Jump for Joy released on August 25th!

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