Hot and Heavy – Lucy Dacus: DJ Pick of the Week


Singer-songwriter Lucy Dacus has once again found a way to break everyone’s hearts on “Hot and Heavy.” The track is a follow-up to single “Thumbs” and an enticing teaser for her upcoming Home Video. It’s a beautifully mournful portrait of the pitfalls of nostalgia and an ode to growth. “Hot and Heavy” is Stephanie’s DJ Pick of the Week!

Over two albums and an EP, Dacus has set high expectations for herself. Both on her own as well as with supergroup Boygenius, she consistently produces singularly emotive, heady tunes. There’s a particularly literary spirit about her music, one that feels well-read yet unpretentious. “Hot and Heavy” is, unsurprisingly, no exception. The track sees Dacus reuniting with an old flame, reflecting on the person she was at that point in her life. It’s built on a clever subversion of the titular phrase, alternately referring to her overwhelming emotion and their sexual tension.

Being back here makes me hot in the face

Hot blood in my pulsing veins

Heavy memories weighing on my brain

Hot and heavy in the basement of your parents’ place

Dacus on the chorus of “Hot and Heavy.”

The song’s video features Dacus appropriately filming her own home videos—interspersed with actual home video footage. Check it out for yourself below (but make sure you’re alone first in case of tears)!

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