Impossible Weight – Deep Sea Diver feat. Sharon Van Etten: DJ Pick of the Week

Deep Sea Diver Press Photo

Jayson’s DJ Pick of the Week is “Impossible Weight” by Deep Sea Diver featuring Sharon Van Etten. Deep Sea Diver was formed by Jessica Dobson after leaving Atlantic Records in her early 20s. Since 2012, the band has released two full-length albums, History Speaks and Secrets, and is currently working on their third. In anticipation of its release, Deep Sea Diver just released a new single!

“Impossible Weight” portrays the strength, pain, and beauty that lies within personal struggle. Dobson’s powerful vocals and distorted electric guitar are extremely emotional. In combination with bright instrumental moments in the chorus, the song’s sonic landscape is both sobering and hopeful.

When asked by NME about Sharon’s involvement with the song, Dobson replied, “Having never met her, it was definitely a pipe dream question that somehow ended up working out and I’m eternally grateful for it. She brought so much to this song and brought it alive even more.” Sharon Van Etten adds another dimension to the track with her dynamic vocals on the song’s second verse.

Deep Sea Diver recently released a stunning music video for the single. In a post on the band’s site, Dobson described the video as “a moment where we can present visuals that speak to this season—a time of loneliness, of desolation, but also of beauty.” Take a journey with Jessica and Sharon by checking out the video below!

“Impossible Weight” is raw, thoughtful, and empowering, just like Dobson and Van Etten. Be sure to tune into 100.1 FM or to hear Deep Sea Diver and Sharon Van Etten’s song “Impossible Weight”, featured as Jayson’s DJ Pick of the Week. Be sure to let us know your thoughts! Tweet at us with #L100DJPick and tell us what this track means to you.