Intern Picks of the Week — Bonnaroo 2021


Happy Roo! In case you missed it somehow, The Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival announced plans to hold its 20th annual festival this Labor Day weekend. Alongside that announcement came an utterly stacked lineup. It’s hard to figure out just who exactly are the standouts here; that’s where we come in. Look no further than this week’s Intern Picks to see some of our favorite tracks we’ll hear on the Farm!

Ayden’s Pick: Phoebe Bridgers – I Know the End

At the beginning of lockdown, Phoebe Bridgers’ sophomore album Punisher came out. It became an instant classic– the existential soundtrack to the apocalypse that we all needed. The record earned her four Grammy nominations, an SNL performance, and a rapidly growing fanbase. Now, as live music finally makes its return, Bridgers gears up to play Bonnaroo. Of all her songs, I’ll be waiting the most impatiently to hear “I Know the End,” Punisher’s angsty, explosive, “Welcome to the Black Parade”-inspired closer, live for the first time. If you ask me, no single track has so thoroughly embodied the uneasiness of the past year. It will be surreal to finally scream along to it at the show.

Linday’s Pick: Surfaces – Wave of You

Texas-based duo Surfaces is known for creating incredible singles perfect for summertime. The duo consists of Forrest Frank and Colin Padalecki. Over the past year they have become extremely well known for their song “Sunday Best”. On April 9th, they released their newest track, “Wave of You”. The song has an extremely colorful aesthetic and is sonically beautiful. The warm vocals and harmonies really help bring forward the sweet lyrics in the song. “Wave of You” is definitely worth a listen, and you can see Surfaces performing at Bonnaroo this September! 

Taylor’s Pick: Lana Del Rey – White Dress

Down at the men in music business conference. Or, more aptly considering how Del Rey sings it, downatthemeninmusicbusinessconference. Few phrases feel as singular as the oft-memed line from the Chemtrails Over the Country Club opener. It’s a weird combination of words in its own right—let alone when paired with the singer-songwriter’s breathy falsetto. “White Dress” is the type of song that Del Rey made a career on: contemplative and timeless, but oh so specific. But what makes this one so special is how much it dares to be weird. Weird in her references to Orlando, Kings of Leon, and Sun Ra. Weird in her strained falsetto on the chorus, capturing the essence of a story begging to be let loose. And, of course, weird in the “down at the men in music business conference” of it all.