“It Takes Me Back” Ray LaMontagne – Rev’s DJ Pick of the Week


Rev’s DJ Pick of the Week is “It Takes Me Back” from Ray LaMontagne. With nearly two decades of experience under his belt, he’s made his mark in the industry and knows his way around a good song.

Born and raised in New England, he spent most of childhood traveling. He found an outlet in songwriting and the rest is history. Now with 8 studio albums and a multitude of Grammy Nominations, LaMontagne has truly blossomed as a renowned artist. Constantly broadening his musical palette, his compositions have grown to be complex and beautiful.

“It Takes Me Back” is a intimate acoustic track that warms the soul. Led by harmonica and melodic acoustic guitar, Ray has made a nostalgic tune about longing for the past. His husky voice echo’s throughout and lends itself to an old-folk feel. He continuously captivates you with his songwriting skills and earnest lyrics. Introspective and heartfelt, “It Takes Me Back” is soulful and timeless. It grows anticipation for his upcoming tour in North America where he will take a stop in Nashville on September 8th at the legendary Ryman. You can buy your tickets here.

Listen to Rev’s DJ Pick below!

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