Jesop – My Daily Existential Crisis: DJ Pick of the Week


Earlier this month, local artist Jesop dropped his debut single “My Daily Existential Crisis.” This release is our first introduction to Nashville-based producer Joe Gladstone’s independent bedroom project, and it’s a timely acquaintance to have made. Angsty and atmospheric, the track is Casey’s DJ Pick of the Week.

Gladstone has been kicking around the scene for a while, first as Mutt and then Cave Mode Shake. His experience shines through on “My Daily Existential Crisis,” which artfully walks the lo-fi line while remaining polished. The title certainly feels appropriate these days, especially in concert with the track’s laid-back sound and woeful lyrics.

“Dreaming of a life

That we used to have but we never really had

Did we darling? Did we darling?

Did we darling? Did we darling?

Melancholic lines like “Tomorrow is yesterday / By the time you think about today” are guaranteed to land after almost an entire year in quarantine. As such, “My Daily Existential Crisis” feels first and foremost of these times. While the philosophical underpinnings of the song may be enduring, they’ve definitely never felt as universally relevant. And with its catchy chorus, this debut is bound to have widespread appeal.

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