John Craigie – Don’t Ask: DJ Pick of the Week

John Craigie Press Photo

Lt. Dan’s DJ Pick of the Week!

John Craigie just released new music for the first time since 2018, which includes his new single and DJ Pick of the Week “Don’t Ask.” The new single is for his upcoming album Asterisk the Universe, which will be released June 12.

The song “Don’t Ask” actually appeared on Craigie’s 2018 album Scarecrow. This 2020 release of “Don’t Ask” is revamped and more updated version of the song.

The folk rocker is engaging with fans not only through his music, but as well as on his social media platforms. Craigie recently hosted a “Live Stream Call-In Show”on his Facebook and Instagram profiles. He performed live and took call in requests from fans.

The charismatic songwriter is known for the way his songs tell a story. Artists such as Jack Johnson and Todd Snider have appreciated his unique way of songwriting and performing by adding Craigie to their tours.

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written by Clara Lueckenhoff