Josie Lockhart – “If There’s A Heaven”: ONErpm Hitmaker Alert


Debuting as one of three frontmen in a synth-pop band, Aaron Miller’s career with Sphynx was just the beginning. After touring with big names like Imagine Dragons and Spoon, this musician set out on his solo journey. With him, Miller took years of experience and focused his creative energy on a new project. In 2020, Miller released his first solo EP, Like Lightning under the name Josie Lockhart. Now his most recent single, “If There’s A Heaven”, is our ONErpm Hitmaker of the week!

As Miller experimented with his solo sound, he found himself working with indie legend Chris Coady. Coady produced for favorites like Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Grizzly Bear, and Beach House. Mixed by Coady and recorded by Miller in his Austin home, “If There’s A Heaven” was born out of quarantine. Like his other music, the song’s pop synths and electric guitar are laid back and effervescent. The psychedelic indie rock tune sets the mood for summer nights with its upbeat tempo. According to his Spotify, this single is just a precursor for Miller’s upcoming album:

“The album explores themes of grief, isolation, and love, set against a backdrop of a supernatural reimagining of the American West that Miller has spent years traversing in a tour van. Miller ruminates on the afterlife and human existence while recounting tales of adventures both true and imagined.”

Be sure to check out his latest single below as we anticipate his upcoming release of Santa Rosa:

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