La Luz “Strange World” – Steph’s DJ Pick of the Week

La Luz
La Luz "Strange World" - Steph's DJ Pick of the Week

Steph’s DJ Pick of the Week is “Strange World” by La Luz! 

“Strange World” marks the first single from their upcoming album, News of the Universe. This marks the four piece’s first Sub Pop Records album. La Luz is truly unlike any other band in the scene right now. Consisting of four women of color, La Luz has been able to create sonics that are uniquely their own. Their discography has been laced with themes of vulnerability and femininity. 

Shana Cleveland, guitarist and songwriter, gave a little peek into the inspiration of the song. “It’s been a strange and difficult few years, and at moments, I have found myself rushing to move forward in time, to leave the present and escape to whatever is next,” says Cleveland. “This chorus is something of a mantra to myself ‘we’ll be fine, just take your time.’” This sentiment is evident in the lyrics of “Strange World.” 

The track is beautifully psychedelic. Featuring the dreamy vocals they’re known for, the band has been able to stay original although in a fresh new era. News of the Universe marks the first appearance for drummer Audrey Johnson. It also inludes the final ones from bassist Lena Simon and keyboardist Alice Sandahl. This leaves an obvious bittersweet energy to the record. They’re  truly moving into the newest universe of their band, members and all. 

La Luz will be touring North America, Europe, and the UK in support of the new album. They’ll even be stopping at The End on October 10th for a show! 

Listen to “Strange World” below! 

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