LEAGUES – Dance With Me


Good morning Nashville! I, Adam, am thrilled LEAGUES has new music! Check out “Dance With Me” and let us know what you think!‪#‎L100DJPicks‬ http://youtu.be/KZGrSrJT7cw

This Nashville-born band, featuring Thad Cockrell (vocals) and Jeremy Lutito, hasn’t released new music since 2013 with their first full-length album, “You Belong Here.”

The duo’s single “Dance With Me” is a welcome preview to their upcoming album “Alone Together,” releasing September 9.

The single is a triumphant return for the alt-rock band, brandishing it’s familiar beach-y and brash sound with an extra pop of electronic to make it a well-rounded, summer hit.

Check out LEAGUES last visit to the Lightning 100 studio here, where they performed “Spotlight.”