Lister Brothers – Another Game to Play


Adam here, stoked to share the new Lister Brothers single, “Another Game to Play.” It’s out officially tomorrow, but you can hear the sweet, brotherly harmonies today on Nashville’s Independent Radio. ‪#‎L100DJPicks‬

Nashville-based trio of brothers, Jeremy, Richie and Jonathon Lister, combine their talents to cut a single that’s jaunty and infectiously (and hopefully precedes an EP). Pursuing a successful solo career, Jeremy Lister reunites with his family to create a summery pop/rock single. Catch The Lister Brothers at Live on the Green‘s Kids Music Fest on Sept. 3.
Watch the Lister Brothers perform “All You Need Is Love,” featured on The Early Birds with Mr. Steve on March 1.


  1. Thanks Jeremy. Tuned in at 8:26 and this was the exact song I needed to hear.

    Appreciate everything you do.

    Will support the Indiegogo fundraiser in due time.

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