llampaca — “Don’t Give Up”: DJ Pick of the Week


“Don’t Give Up” by llampaca is Casey’s DJ pick of the week! llampaca is a new collaborative duo consisting of Doran Danoff and Tyler Wenzel, and “Don’t Give Up” is their debut single. They released “Don’t Give Up” on November 26th via Teenage Illusions Records.

Musically, “Don’t Give Up” draws inspiration from funk, soul, and psychedelic rock. The song has an upbeat groove with ample guitars and keyboards that fill out the production. Additional horns, synthesizers, and supporting vocals help to create the song’s rich texture. “Don’t Give Up” is the perfect combination of trippy and groovy and keeps the listener captivated throughout.

“Don’t Give Up” features both Danoff and Wenzel on vocals. Danoff was responsible for the song’s production, arrangement, keys, and percussion. Wenzel is additionally featured on guitar, and the duo credited bassist Max Drummey, drummer Nick Devan, trumpeter Jon Maness, and saxophonist Nathan McLeod for their contributions to the song. Keep up with llampaca on Instagram here, and be sure to listen to “Don’t Give Up” on YouTube below:

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