Los Colognes – “Ballad of a Straw Man”: DJ Pick of the Week

Los Colognes

“Ballad of a Straw Man” by Los Colognes is Dan’s DJ Pick of the Week! Los Colognes is a rock trio based in Nashville, Tennessee. Originally from Chicago, frontman Jay Rutherford and drummer Aaron Mortenson formed the group upon relocating to Music City. Through this partnership, they were able to convince bassist Gordon Persha to follow them in pursuit of music. Since then, the trio has been honing their craft, with classic-rock inspired flair and melody.

At its core, “Ballad of a Straw Man” features clean electric guitar, punchy drums, and groovy bass. The first chorus features the entrance of piano, as well as synthesizers, which remain in play throughout the song. In typical classic rock fashion, the vocal’s delivery and lyrics are nearly contradicting in terms of mood. While the vocal tone is smooth pleasant to the ear, the lyrical content describes the begrudging life of a “straw man”.

“Ballad of a Straw Man” is the opening track on Los Colognes’ latest album The New World. The album released May 3rd on streaming services, as well as both vinyl and CD formats. In addition, Los Colognes will play a select few local shows and festivals over the summer. Tickets to these events, including an August show in Nashville, are available here. Otherwise, be sure to keep up with Los Colognes through their social media, as well as their website. Also, feel free to check out the official lyric video to “Ballad of a Straw Man” below!

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