Mariposa – Peach Tree Rascals: DJ Pick of the Week

Peach Tree Rascals Press Photo

Peach Tree Rascals is an indie-alt band from San Jose, California. Isaac Pech, Tarrek Abdel-Khaliq, and Joseph Barros sing and rap, while Dominic Pizano produces the band’s music and Jorge Olazaba serves as creative director. All friends in high school, the group formed in 2018 and released their debut single, “Glide”. In August of 2019, the group released the song that propelled them into the spotlight, “Mariposa”. Originally released as a single, “Mariposa” went viral on TikTok and now has over 130 million streams on Spotify. Peach Tree Rascals released their first EP, I can’t wait for you to come my way, in August of 2020. “Mariposa” is the first track on the EP and is Rev’s DJ Pick of the Week!

“Mariposa” captures such a sweet and endearing feeling. Musically, the three singers’ voices are smooth and inviting. They blend beautifully with the warm keys that serve as the base of the song. The opening lines of “Mariposa” are the same as the EP’s title: “I can’t wait for you to come my way”. “Mariposa” takes on a different meaning for each of Joseph, Issac, and Tarrek’s parts in the song. In an interview with Ones to Watch, the band shared that Joseph’s section is about always being there for someone, Isaac’s is about wanting that fire to return to a love he had, and Tarrek’s is about being scared of feeling emotions for someone. “Mariposa” takes on a different meaning for the three singers, and can certainly take on a different meaning to each listener.

Peach Tree Rascals shared a bit about the song’s name and its significance. “The name originally came from Mariposa Grove in Yosemite. Seemed like a no brainer to name the song after one of our favorite places on the planet. ‘Mariposa’ literally means butterfly, and represents improving and growing as a human. Butterflies grow into themselves and their beauty, regardless of any flaws that come up along the way.” The beauty of the song especially shines through in the music video for “Mariposa”. Check it out below!

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