Mark Knopfler “Ahead of the Game” – Dan’s DJ Pick of the Week

Mark Knopfler
Mark Knopfler "Ahead of the Game" - Dan's DJ Pick of the Week

Dan’s DJ Pick of the Week is “Ahead of the Game,” from legend Mark Knopfler.

Leader of the Dire Straits in the 1970s and ‘80s, Mark Knopfler has solidified himself as a British guitar hero. Now, his solo project is a blend of rootsy and country-influenced sounds. As always, “Ahead of the Game” features the poetic lyrics and intricate guitar he’s known for. The track is fresh but still oddly nostalgic.

“Ahead of the Game” is the first release from upcoming album One Deep River. This marks his first solo album since 2018. Set to release on April 12, the twelve track album will sit alongside his solo discography. The album was produced by Knopfler and longtime collaborator and bandmate Guy Fletcher. It’s a testament to their love of the industry to continue collaborating and creating new music for old and new fans alike.

The song is a look into a singer struggling to make it in the industry. Perhaps somewhat autobiographical, Knopfler is able to paint an image even those outside of the music industry can find themselves in. The song features his expert-level guitar playing. Yet, it still remains down to earth and easily digestible for the blues and folk crowds. At seventy four years old, Knopfler has proven there is still more music for him to share. 

Listen to “Ahead of the Game” below! 

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