Meg Myers – Numb


Lani Ford here. Friday is MY day to pick a tune. This week I bring you Meg Myers with her new single “Numb.” Give it a listen and let us know what you think!

This dreamy, atmospheric track is featured on Myers’ new album Take Me To The Disco (300 Entertainment). In the quiet moments in the verse, Myers almost jokingly succumbs to being a record label puppet as she sarcastically states, “Tell me how to write this/Tell me how to fight this war,” before busting out her true feelings in a bombastic chorus where she wails, “You think you want the best for me/But nothing really matters/If you force it, it won’t come/I guess I’m feeling numb.” In another breath of vocal gymnastics she cheekily sings in a girlish tone, “I don’t want to grow up. La la la la la.” “There are definitely more light-hearted moments on the record,” she says. “It comes with finally being past certain situations and being able to look back and laugh at things.”

The end result is the feeling of empowerment that comes when the artist realizes that she can use the trials and tribulations of the music industry and life to fuel her creativity instead of stifling it. “When I first wrote ‘Numb,'” explains Myers, whose influences range from Tori Amos to Nine Inch Nails to Danny Elfman scores to classical music, “it was about my experience with a major record label. But as I dug deeper, I found that it goes back to some early childhood stuff and how shutting down, or escaping, felt like the safer thing to do. It used to be that all of the pressure made me lose feeling, but now I feel stronger to face the tougher stuff and let it empower me instead of drag me down. But, there are times I still fail at this.”

Myers credits her new collaboration with the album’s producer and main co-writer, Christian “Leggy” Langdon, with some of her creative breakthroughs. “Leggy had this amazing ability to really pull things out of me and he also knew what I was feeling unlike anyone else,” says Myers.