Molly Martin – “I Like Losers”: Mel’s DJ Pick of the Week

Molly Martin Press Photo

Today we are playing “I Like Losers” by Molly Martin as Mel’s DJ Pick!

Molly Martin is a Nashville-based indie rock artist originally from Philadelphia. If her name sounds familiar, that’s because was a Music City Mayhem finalist in 2020 and has been featured on Nashville Sunday Night! Needless to say, we love Martin around here.

“I Like Losers” is an ode to falling in love with the worst guys. The Pabst Blue Ribbon drinking, beanie-wearing, gaslighting kind of guys with stick-and-poke tattoos and bad mustaches. If you don’t know one of these guys, it could be you.

Her lyricism in this track is like a page torn from so many people’s stories. If you’re single in Nashville, you already know it. It’s the one where the girl keeps falling for the same kind of guy, even though she knows they’re bad news. The track chronicles her own self-awareness of this pattern and mocks it in a really energetic and fun way.

The song is a top-notch indie-rock jam, with a killer music video to match. Don’t be surprised when this one blows up on Tiktok! When it does, you can thank Lightning 100 for putting you onto it first.

You can listen to “I Like Losers” by Molly Martin below:

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