ZÜG – “Love The Way”: DJ Pick of the Week


This week, Melissa chooses “Love The Way” by ZÜG as her DJ Pick! Alex and Jacob Zug are brothers from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. They moved to Tennessee to pursue music as their careers. In fact, they attended Middle Tennessee State University and majored in Music Business and Audio Production. The brothers are a creative duo who develop stories through music – exploring a wide array of musical genres and collaborations. 

The band, originally an alternative rock trio in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, evolved their sound based on the alternative rock scene in their area. After graduation in 2019, the brothers work on their debut album to follow their EP. However, the pandemic alters their course severely. The once-thought album became multiple singles. While all incredible tracks, the band admits that it never became what they had envisioned for them.

In an Instagram post about “Love The Way”, the band writes, “The song is about raising your frequency and tuning into your higher self. Every human being has infinite energy and it’s up for us to help remind people why we are here. It’s time.” The single is in preparation for the band’s forthcoming album, All The Colors Make Black, due for release this summer. You can listen to “Love The Way” by ZÜG here.


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