Mikaela Davis – Other Love


Lt Dan Buckley reporting for DJ pick duty with an artist I’m excited to introduce to you. Her name is Mikaela Davis and her debut album Delivery drops July 13 on Rounder Records / Concord Music.

Mikaela Davis is the kind of songwriter who routinely defies expectations. The 26 year-old artist is a composer of striking maturity. Her arrangements deftly combine elements of rock, folk and pop, and her vocals display a wisdom and a ruefulness that belie her years. Davis’ instrument of choice is the harp, which she has played since she was eight years old, right about the time she could actually get her hands around the instrument.

“This record is kind of about writing a record,” the New York native says reflecting on her highly anticipated full-length album as well as the hard journey the classically trained, defiantly original harpist had to travel to become the writer and performer she was meant to be.

“A lot of these songs came from feeling stuck and also like people were pulling me in a bunch of different directions,” Davis says. “I wanted to say, ‘Just wait for me. I’ll figure it out.'” Davis’ plea for patience fed a fierce ten-song collection. A joyride that pulls from folk rock, ’70s and ’80s pop experimentation, and muscly funk, delivery manages to be both daring and comfortable, full of not just risks but hooks.

Listen to her lead track “Other Love” below and let us know what you think!