Mitski – Nobody


Lt. Dan here with my DJ pick of the week from indie queen Mitski. “Nobody” is the latest single from her fifth studio album Be The Cowboy available now on Dead Oceans.

“For this new record, I experimented in narrative and fiction,” comments Mitski. Though she hesitates to go so far as to say she created full-on characters, she reveals she had in mind “a very controlled icy repressed woman who is starting to unravel. Because women have so little power and showing emotion is seen as weakness, this ‘character’ clings to any amount of control she can get. Still, there is something very primordial in her that is trying to find a way to get out.”

In the dreamy track “Nobody,” Mitski explores the topics of love and loneliness set behind a disco-esque beat. Listen below and let us know what you think! I hope you were lucky enough to snag a ticket to her Basement East show before it sold out!