Molly Parden & Parker Millsap, Live in-Studio

Parker Millsap Molly Parden

The studio recently hosted artists Parker Millsap and Molly Parden. The pair sat down for a quick performance ending with a chat about their recent albums and work on the road together. Millsap and Parden are both singer/songwriters residing here in Nashville, TN. They’re currently on the road for the next 3 weeks, with Parden opening for Millsap through the Midwest and East Coast.

“It Was You” was performed by Parker Millsap, the song’s title answering his question in the lyrics. “Who held me when I was aching? Who dried the tears I bled?” The single follows the theme of Millsap’s album Be Here Instead, which addresses the emotional struggles of being apart from a loved one and how the problems can get worse when communication is only possible through phones and social apps.

Molly Parden soloed “Bolting Volts”, a brand new melodic harmony fresh on streaming services as of this past November. Her work has recently carried her back from Paris and straight into Americana Fest. Parden has stayed busy and only keeps building up her momentum! Needless to say, it doesn’t look like either of the pair will be sitting down anytime soon.

You can check out their interview and performance in the studio in the video below! No need to panic if you’re a fan and wanted to see them. They’ll be performing at Nashville’s very own Basement East this October 16th!

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