Moon Taxi debuts “All Day All Night”

Moon Taxi

Musicians Trevor Terndrup, Tommy Putnam, and Spencer Thomas founded Moon Taxi in 2006 while attending Belmont University. The Nashville band added drummer Tyler Ritter and keyboardist Wes Bailey a short time afterwards.

In an interview with Billboard, Putnam tells the account of how the band received its name. While attempting to hail hurrying taxis in downtown Nashville, Terndrup (vocalist) began to moon the cabs as they passed in order to get the driver’s attention. Although his effort to get a ride failed, the band has accomplished releasing multiple albums in the past few years with their most recent album Mountains Beaches Cities. The band recently finished playing at Bonnaroo 2015. Moon Taxi tells EARMILK that their newest song is an anthem for those who “are out there living crazy round-the-clock lives” and tells of the “one thing that keeps you going all day and all night.”



Moon Taxi debut their newest song “All Day All Night” on June 2015.