My Way, Soon – Greta Van Fleet: DJ Pick of the Week

Greta Van Fleet press photo

Greta Van Fleet makes a triumphant return this month with the single, “My Way, Soon”, their first new song in over a year. 

“My Way, Soon” is an upbeat rock song with a ton of classic rock-esque guitar. It has the same rock revival feel that the band has been tapping into since their debut in 2017. Frontman Josh Kiszka sings the lyrics, “I’ve packed my bags and I’ve got my freedom/I’ve sacked the rules so I don’t have to heed them/I’ll bet on a chance if I’ve just got one/I’ll throw out the plans and live with no burden.” 

Greta Van Fleet released a music video to accompany the song which provides insight to what life looks like on stage and on the road. The video has a super vintage look, which can be attributed to Super 8 film footage from tour in 2019, as well as personally shot videos from the band’s archive prior.

Art direction by Matthew Daniel Siskin, film includes archival footage by the band, super 8 film by Paige Sara.

“My Way, Soon” is set to be on Greta Van Fleet’s next album, which is still in the works. Drummer Danny Wagner says it’s inspired by the band’s life on the road and how their perspectives have changed since leaving their hometown in Michigan. “We realized that while growing up, we had been shielded by a lot of things, we were unaware of a lot of things,” he said. “And then we were thrown out into this huge world, and it was a bit of a culture shock at first.”

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